The new warehouse in Motteggiana, inaugurated in 2018, is in a strategic position, optimally connecting Northern Italy with the South and many European countries. With this technologically innovative structure, divided into well-defined areas of unloading, storage and warehousing, 11,700 square meters of which 5,000 square meters are sheltered for a capacity of n. 6,000 pallet seats on equipped shelving. The covered logistics area is 5,000 square metres, while the adjoining outdoor area is 28,000 square meters. The whole area is televised and with day and night supervision.

The shelving of this site is able to accommodate about 6,000 pallets from 1 to 10 quintals each, on platforms of cm (80 x 120) x 250 cm in height, or even platforms of cm (100 x 120) x 250 cm in height, perfectly catalogued and stored at room temperature.

The new concept structure includes 11 vents with flaps for goods so as to be able to manage multiple loading and unloading orders, all managed by trained personnel who, with the necessary internal equipment, manage in an optimal way all the required process.


This site has a fully covered storage area covering an area of about 3,000 square metres; the warehouse is also provided with 2,000 square metres of “compactable” shelves (that is, which run on rails to make the best use of space and storage) and with computerized system for the traceability of goods and their production lots, allowing the exit in based on the historicity of entry or costumer needs.

With this kind of shelving we can host around 6,000 pallets from 1 to 10 quintals at room temperature; we mainly supply goods for the agri-food market. In addition, the warehouse is also equipped with vents with flaps for goods unloading that together with the retractable forklifts at maximum height allow a fast management of both the discharges and the loads. The total activity extends over 16 thousand square meters between the current and the old headquarters that remains operational.


The Capaldo srl let their customers use, for both headquarters, services of temporary or long-term warehouse, with the possibility of renting defined areas of shed in the Motteggiana site, where they store their goods. In these cases, ancillary services to storage are offered such us Picking, packaging, unpacking, goods shipment management, stock/returns management, general coordination.

For who is looking for a temporary or long/term solution of storage, our warehouse in Motteggiana offers flexible and safe solution in line with every price range.
The goods on the pallets will be guarded and stored for the duration established and will always be accessible during working hours.

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