The Capaldo stl has an organized and automated logistic structure, located in the industrial area of Nocera Inferiore, really close to the freeway overpass of the A/30, and from 2018 the new headquarter in Motteggiana (MN) in order to better manage the needs of our customers located in the North of Italy.
The continuous staff training and the acquisition of new equipment and services have led us to be able to manage different types of activities carried out in the warehouse owned (in site) or directly in the establishment of the customer (on site).
Our services cover the entire logistical flow: from the withdrawal to the suppliers, the integrated management of the collection centres, the planning of the incoming transport to the production facilities, optimizing the working capital according to production needs. Our logistics system also allows the total traceability of products in real time.
The market changes continuously, to follow the needs of the customer, the Capaldo srl can guarantee levels of personalized services that are more suitable for the market. Our staff has been trained to customize the offer based on the needs of the customer, managing all our structures and services in the best way and to achieve the best solution at the lowest cost.

The long experience gained by Capaldo srl has enabled it to become a partner of excellence for hundreds of companies that, over the years, have relied on its services, achieving high quality standards at low running costs. With the organization of the new headquarter we can offer you even the “picking” service which organizes shipments from the supplier to our warehouse where the goods are stored, prepared in quantities even different from the first storage and sent directly to the individual customers of the principals. Today we develop a flexible and modular service model, centred on the interaction between traditional systems of physical archives management and new technologies, focusing on the integration between paper documents and new IT support for information management. The proposed solutions meet the highest standards both in terms of performance and physical and logical security.

The aim of every company with handling requirements is rationalised the internal resources intended for the logistic, reducing the procedures and simplified the administrative practices. The vantages of interface with a single interlocutor, together with the trust for our brand, had brought always more companies to choose the Capaldp srl for the handling of their goods.
Thanks to the highest know-how reached during the years, the company goes with our customers in the coordination of the logistics flows and the ancillary services. As supervisors for the entire logistic process our organized structure guarantees the maximum transparency and readability of data, interfacing our computer system with that of the customer. This way a continuous interaction between the parts is realized which improves the performance and the capacity of "problem solving", that is to say: for every problem we have its solution.

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