• 1984Everything started

    Capaldo Trasporti was born in 1984. A young “visionary” gave up to his A/112 Autobianchi in exchange for a truck and he begun, as a driver on his own, to work in the transport sector.

  • 1986Transformation into a cooperative

    Soon the fruits of hard work show up, customers increase and the brothers Luigi and Martino Capaldo form a cooperative to manage the increase in transport requests.

  • 1999Capaldo Trans Srl

    The business is growing more and more, and the trucks owned are more and more, so we decided to found the Capaldo Trans Srl, a more solid society to face the market needs.

  • 2004New Warehouse in Nocera Inferiore

    Customers always require more types of services, and with the spirit of always wanting to improve, a warehouse is built in the Z.I. where the customer's goods are stored and sorted.

  • 2015First Platform on Mantova

    Wanting to expand their business more and more, they choose to rent a structure in the province of Mantova, from which all partners in Northern Italy will be better managed.

  • 2018New Headquarter in Motteggiana (MN)

    A radical change which brings Capaldo srl to the highest levels of the sector is the opening of a new ownership structure, better organized both for the warehouse and the logistic. Capaldo srl is now an Italian reality recognized by professionals as a synonym for Seriousness, Speed and Reliability.

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